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Uncle Dickie's Push-Pin Calls

Push-Pin Calls are the easiest turkey call to use. You can yelp, purr, cut and more withjust the push of a pin. Easily concealed hand movement allows use close in to your quarry. Available in two versions - Regular and Gun Mount.

The Sound-Board on a Push-Pin call is the bottom of a 2" x 3" Walnut Box. The Striker is a small pyramid shaped piece of wood mounted to the inside of the bottom of the call. A small block of wood mounted on a pin contacts the striker to produce the calls sounds.

Call Description Price
Regular Push-Pin
  • Walnut Box/Mahogany Sound Board
  • 3" Long x 2" wide x 2" Deep
  • Voice: Soft to Medium
Gun-Mount Push-Pin
  • Walnut Box/Mahogany Sound Board
  • 3" Long x 2" wide x 2" Deep
  • Flexible barrel clips to attach call to gun
    Includes String Attachment and String
  • Voice: Soft to Medium
Locator Calls

Frequently, adult gobblers gobble at a host of noises to signal their location.
Whether on the roost or on the ground, gobblers react to many sounds around them.

Locator calls are used to entice a gobbler to gobble.
By using a non-turkey call, a gobbler will often respond to the locator without looking for the sourse
(i.e. Hen). Also, by using a locator call, hunters can learn where a gobbler is located
and set up without spooking the bird.

Turkeys frequently gobble to locator calls out of instinct.
Early Morning - Woodpecker, Peacock, and Owl Hooters are used.
Later in the day Crow Calls, and other noise makers generate gobbles from anxious Longbeards.

Currently I offer only a Crow Call.
Gobblers frequently hear crows in their woods and gobble at them.
Using a Crow Call can generate a response from a gobbler within earshot.

Crow Call
Acrylic Green Tube Mouth Call Single Reed
Call: "kaw kaw kaw"
Uncle Dickie's Accessories

Box Calls, Pot Calls and Pushpin Calls require surface treatment to keep them working correctly.

Box Calls and Push-Pin calls require chalk to maintain the friction in the calls.
Glass, Slate, and Aluminum require abraisive Sandpaper or Emory Cloth treatment.

Box Call Chalk
Dixon's Red Extra Dry Chalk yields better friction and better sounding calls.
1 Oz Half-Dome should last years of service.
Apply occaisionally when needed.
Replacement Pot Call Abrasive Kit
Abraisive pads are included with each call- Green Scotch-Brite with Slate, Emory Cloth w/Glass and Aluminum

  • Green Scotch Brite
  • Coarse SandPaper
  • Medium Emory Cloth

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