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Uncle Dickie's Pot Calls

Slate, Glass, and Aluminum pot calls are friction calls and require the use of an abraisive and a Striker. The abraisive can be sand paper, scotch-brite pads, steel wool, emory cloth, or a stone depending upon which surface you are playing.

Through trial and error, I have found that acrylic pots produce the best results in Glass, Aluminum and Slate Pot Calls. I use the finest materials to make my pot calls.

I use a 2-sided acrylic pot for my calls. The primary surfaces are Slate, Glass, and Aluminum. The bottom surface is always Slate. Included with all my calls is at least one Striker.

Playing a pot call requires a Striker. A Striker has a heavy bulbous head with a thin pencil-like dowel with a straight or flared tip. Strikers can be made of several materials and the tone from the calls vary with the type of striker used. I make my strikers with hardwood heads, and assorted straight-tipped dowels - Maple, Purple Heart, Acrylic, Carbon and Diamond Wood.

Because differnt strikers produce different voices on a pot call, using multiple strikers allows multiple voices from the same call.

The pot call is played by holding the pot in your non-writing hand, with the roughened surface of the call away from your body. The Striker is held like a pencil, down on the shaft near the end. The heel of your writing hand rests against the edge of the pot and the striker is held nearly veritcal to the call surface. However it must be angles slightly away from you at about 70-75 degree angle. Starting from the outside edge of the call surface, make semi-circles ("C") to create a two-note yelp. Keee-Up, Keee-up. Additional tips on playing my calls are included with each call.

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Pot Call Descriptions
Call Description Price
2-Sided Pot Call - Slate / Slate
Acrylic 2-Sided Pot
Slate Top / Slate Bottom
Tone: Raspy, Loud,
Highly effective on Gobblers
Does not work when wet.
$ 27.00
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2-Sided Pot Call - Aluminum
Acrylic 2-Sided Pot
Anodized Black Aluminum Top / Slate Bottom
Tone: Higher Pitched,Clear, Loud,
Highly effective in noisy conditions
Waterproof when used with Carbon / Synthetic Striker
$ 32.00
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2-Sided Pot Call - Glass
Acrylic 2-Sided Pot
Glass Top / Slate Bottom
Tone: Higher Pitched,Clear, Loud,
Highly effective in noisy conditions
Waterproof when used with Carbon / Synthetic Striker
$ 32.00

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Limited Edition 1-Sided Glass, Camo Pot
Acrylic 1-Sided Camoflage Pot Call
Glass Top with Turkey Brest Feather Under Glass
Tone: Higher Pitched,Clear, Loud,
Highly effective in noisy conditions
$ 32.00

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Uncle Dickie's Strikers

Although you can purchase one-piece strikers that are either wood turned on a lathe, or a plastic striker made by injection molding, many others are two-piece strikers made from a combinations of materials.

I make my own strikers in a two-piece format. I use a hardwood for the head (usually Maple, but can use Walnut or Mahogany. A number of custom call makers offer specially designed flared-tip shafts for their strikers. It is a matter of personal preference. I use straight non-flared dowels for the shafts on my strikers.

I use Walnut, Maple, Carbon, Fiberglass, Plexiglass, Purple Heart and Diamond Wood dowels for my striker shafts. Each material brings a unique sound to the pot call, or slate that is being played. Having two different strikers on a double sided call gives the call four voices that can be heard by your quarry - It's like having 4 calls in one.

Two-Piece Maple-Maple Striker
Basic Striker
Maple Head
Maple Shaft
Great on Slates and Glass
Good Fair Weather Striker, will not work when wet.
$ 6.00
Two-Piece Maple-Purple Heart Striker
Basic Striker
Maple Head
Purple Heart Shaft
Harder wood produces excellent tones. Good Fair Weather Striker, will not work when wet.
$ 6.00
Two-Piece Maple-Plexiglass Striker
plexi striker
Plexiglass(acrylic) Striker
Maple Head
Plexiglass Shaft
Good All-Weather Striker, will work when wet
when used on Glass or Aluminum.
$ 6.00
Two-Piece Mahogany - Diamond Wood Striker
Laminated Diamond Wood Striker
Mahogany Head
Laminated Diamond Wood Shaft
Excellent All-Around Striker
Good All-Weather Striker, will not work when wet
$ 6.00
Two-Piece Maple - Carbon Striker
(No Photo)
Carbon Striker
Maple Head
Hollow Carbon Arrow Shaft
Good All-Weather Striker, will work when wet
$ 6.00

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